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December, 7 2018
Sunset Maternity

I specialize in newborns and kids, but boy do I LOVE capturing maternity sessions! It's just such a special and romantic time in a couples life. The sweet anticipation of what will be the center of their world is written all over their faces. 

kayla (22 of 60).jpg
kayla (23 of 60).jpg

My sessions are very easy and relaxed, allowing my subjects to feel comfortable which results in very natural and real "poses." My number one job as a photographer is to make you "feel" something when you look back at your photos. I want you to feel the excitement you felt, the love you had, and the joy you were experiencing. 

kayla (17 of 60).jpg
kayla (41 of 60).jpg

And check out that gorgeous golden hour light! Eeeek! That golden hour sunset makes this session even more magical and really helps emphasize momma's natural pregnancy glow!

kayla (15 of 60).jpg
kayla (10 of 60).jpg

I always recommend one outfit change for maternity sessions. Casual and dress. And this is why.....just look at how stunning Kayla looks in her maternity gown! Gowns are great for really showing off that cute baby bump!

kayla (44 of 60).jpg
kayla (47 of 60).jpg
kayla (58 of 60).jpg

It's such an honor to capture such an intimate and special time in a couples life, and its priceless to have these photos to look back on and treasure the time you were growing a miracle!

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